VATSIM P.R.China Division

How to Access the VATPRC Teamspeak Server

Setp 1 - Downloading and installing
Download the Teamspeak client software for your operating system. Please make sure only Teamspeak 3 is compatible with our Teamspeak server.
Step 2 - Connecting
After installation, double-click the teamspeak icon and you will be required to fill in the information below.
Nickname: Your fully VATSIM registered name
Password: Not required 
Step 3 - Enjoy your voice communication
Click the Connect, now you can enter our VATPRC teamspeak server.
 Please Read Before Accessing

VATPRC is committed to provide the best experience and service to our members. People, who enter the VATPRC teamspeak server, must comply with the VATSIM Code of Conduct. 
  • No vulgar language
  • No personal attacks
  • No spamming
  • No inappropriate or illegal content
  • Respect other members
Channels Introduction

When you enter our Teamspeak server, you will see many channels. No idea which channel you should enter? Now let me give you a brief information.
All members will arrival this room after connecting the server.
Departure Lounge
These rooms can be applied for chatting, group flight.
GA Flight Club
Rooms especially for Ganeral Aviation enthusiasts to communication, dicussion and to enjoy free sky.
ATC Center
Controllers may enter the rooms accordingly and coordinate the plan for the event.
Pilot Academy
These rooms are particularly used for pilot training and pratical examining. When a trainning session is in progress, please do not enter the room disturbing the session.
ATC Academy
These channels are used for mentoring session especially. when a metoring session is in progress, please do not enter the room disturbing the session.
Only used by division staff for meeting and discussion.