VATSIM P.R.China Division

Visiting & Transfer

All visiting & transfer VATSIM members need to refer to the offical VATSIM Transfer & Visiting Controller Policy.
VATPRC division welcomes other division controllers coming to mainland China airspace fro providing the ATC service no matter which way you choose either visiting controller ot transferring your registered division to VATPRC. Friendly reminder, as a pilot role on VATSIM, you can fly wherever you want regardless of your registered division. If you mainly fly in mainland China airspace, we stongely suggest you to join VATPRC as your home division. You will get our the best service and fabulous experience.
Transferring to VATPRC

Before you submit your application, please ensure you have familiarised with the official VATSIM Transfer & Visiting Controller Policy. You can submit your application at Region Change page. The whole process will take approximately 4 - 7 days.
Visiting Controller

As a certified visiting controller at VATPRC division, you will be allowed to provide the ATC service in mainland China airspace. We cannot provide you training for promoting to the next level of your control rating. This must be done in your home division. In order to keep our best ATC service and give the best experience for the pilot flying in our airspace. Every visiting controller has to take the compulsory training provided by VATPRC divsion and should be capable of applying both English and Chinese. Once you passed all the training session, you will be certified to provide the ATC service in VATPRC airspace.
All visiting controllers must refer to the official VATSIM Transfer & Visiting Controller Policy.